Wednesday 11 December 2019 - 17:28

The Third Elections Will Deepen the Crisis After Knesset Set to be Dissolved

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The Israeli parliament, Knesset
The Israeli parliament, Knesset
This follows after the failure of the two largest political blocs in the Knesset, Likud and Blue and White, to form a government three months after the parliamentary elections in September.

And the Parliament of the Israeli occupation entity, known as the Knesset, became dissolved in the name of law, in preparation for holding elections on the 2nd of next March, it is the third in just 12 months, after the occupation parties failed to form a government in the course of 9 months of talks and negotiations.

Many suggestions were made to get out of the crisis, such as personal elections for the prime minister, forming a unity government, or going towards third elections. The third option was the broad title to solve the dilemma, which now threatens the Israeli racist regime locally and internationally.

Netanyahu bears responsibility for the impasse that he paid to the entity, apparently by his corrupt behavior, and by his insistence to stick to his seat at all costs, while opposition leader Benny Gantz promised voters that his coalition would not join a government under the leadership criminal defendant, this means that the upcoming elections will deepen the crisis, if he remains at the head of the government accused of corruption and bribery cases.