Friday 13 December 2019 - 11:00

Russia Warns of a New Scheme Against Idlib

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Russia Warns of a New Scheme Against Idlib
A source in the Russian Ministry of Defense said that the armed groups transported rocket launchers and armored vehicles towards the city of Aleppo and the town of Abu Dhour in Idlib, stressing the existence of information on coordination between the terrorist liberation group and the White Helmets to carry out a fabricated operation to use toxic materials.

The Russian defense added that the aim of these provocations is to prepare and publish photos that include accusations by the Syrian forces of using chemical weapons against civilians and launching indiscriminate strikes.

US Defense Secretary Mark esper said earlier Thursday that Russian forces had increased their military presence in Syria.

Speaking before the US Congress, Esper said, "The Russian military presence in Syria has increased during the past month."