Friday 31 January 2020 - 11:00

Yemenis Hold Massive Rally to Reject Trump’s Deal of the Century

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Yemenis Hold Massive Rally to Reject Trump’s Deal of the Century
The demonstrators carried Palestinian and Yemeni flags, as well as banners and pictures denouncing the so-called deal of the century and condemned the US policy in the region.

The march ended up with a statement, denouncing the US and Israeli hegemony against Muslims around the world as well as hypocritical Arab regimes such as Saudi Arabia and UAE at the top, which have been leaning on their policies.

The statement also stressed that Saudi Arabia, the UAE and some other Arab regimes continued to betray the Palestinian nation and sell their cause.

It also underlined the categorical rejection of Trump's "malicious deal", noting that the participation of some Arab regimes in this deal is equal with betraying Islam and Muslims, Al-Masirah TV network reported.

Houthi Ansarullah movement leader, Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi also emphasized that the Yemeni people are ready to support Palestine and the resistance movement in any upcoming confrontation with the Zionist enemy, calling on the Muslims to boycott American and Israeli goods.

The participants also stressed that Palestine is not for sale, and that Yemen, despite the Saudi-US aggression and siege, will remain obliged to Muslim world's first cause, which is liberation of Al-Quds from its Zionist occupiers.

It was also mentioned that the Yemeni people will take part in separate major marches in the capital Sanaa and Al-Hodeidah provinces this afternoon, in rejection of the so-called deal of the century under the slogan ‘No to Trump's deal’.