Thursday 13 February 2020 - 16:18

New Lebanese Government Holds First Session

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New Lebanese Government Holds First Session
At the start of the session, His Excellency asked the Prime Minster for a minute of silence mourning the lives of Army and ISF martyrs, who fell in Bekaa and Ouzai. The martyrs of the Army are: Staff Sergeant, Ali Ismail, Sergeant Major, Ahmed Haidar Ahmad, and Soldier, Hassan Izz Al-Din. And from the Internal Security Forces: Major Jalal Sharif, and Deputy, Ziad Al-Attar.

Afterwards, His Excellency congratulated the Government on gaining confidence, pointing out that everyone is required to work at a fast pace in all exceptional economic, financial, monetary and banking conditions, which we live in, and start implementing the Policy Statement’s content regarding the preparation of the emergency plan, and plans for the first and second stage, as stated in the Policy Statement. The President then spoke about the financial meeting, which was held today before the session, indicating that he addressed the financial and economic crisis and current difficulties. During the meeting, the proposed solutions, which are to be approved later, were studied.

The President also asked the concerned Ministers to prepare a draft budget for 2021 in order to follow its path within the specified constitutional deadlines. Then the Prime Minister asked Ministers to sign a pledge not to run in Parliamentary elections (If held under the supervision of the current Government), in line with contents of the Policy Statement. All Ministers signed on this pledge. Minsters also signed as statement on movable and immovable funds, incomes, and loans of Ministers, and on all their interests and benefits (Direct or indirect), in any company or project of any kind disclosure of bank accounts in Lebanon and broad, as the Prime Minister requested

Afterwards, the Prime Minister asked Ministers to prepare a file which includes urgent and necessary project which are supposed to be presented during visits abroad (or with Arab visitors) when they visit Lebanon, as well as with donors, provided that these files are ready during the next week. Then the PM presented the most prominent aspects of the financial and economic meeting and the options available to deal with current economic and financial conditions. Provided that the assistance of experts from the International Monetary Fund, and International legal and economic experts, study these options so that the Cabinet is prepared to take the appropriate decisions.

Consequently, the Cabinet examined a number of issues raised by Ministers on economic, financial, and monetary conditions.

Finally, the Cabinet took a decision to strengthen capacities of the Health Ministry through measures taken to prevent the Corona disease, especially at land, air and sea entrances of the country.
Source : NNA