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Israeli Forces Distributes Demolition Orders for Palestinian Homes

23 Mar 2020 17:20

Islam Times - The occupation forces distributed demolition and evictions orders to the homes of citizens in the town of Rakhima.

A member of the local committee in the town of Rakhmeh Suleiman Al-Fraijat said that the occupation police and the employees of the Ministry of Finance and the Jewish National Fund stormed the town today, and despite the prevailing emergency in the country, the demolition authorities did not abide by the health guidelines, as they approached the residents and threatened us to demolish our homes and put demolition orders on two homes in the town.

He pointed out that the occupation did not provide any services to the town in order to overcome the Coronavirus crisis, while they strive to implement the demolitions, the pursuit, and the threat to the lives of the residents and their homes on a daily basis.

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