Saturday 18 April 2020 - 10:02

Iran to Produce Antiviral Drug “Remdesivir” to Treat COVID-19 Disease

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Iran to Produce Antiviral Drug “Remdesivir” to Treat COVID-19 Disease
Dr. Mohammad Eghtedari Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pharmaceuticals Producing Company at the Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Research Center in an interview with Mehr news agency on Sat. said, “we are trying to produce antiviral drug “Remdesivir” which its effectiveness has been proven for treatment of patients suffering from coronavirus disease.”

He added, “the antiviral drug “Remdesivir” was tested by Chinese researchers on patients suffering from coronavirus disease late last year and it was proved that this drug is effective for treatment of the disease.”

Effectiveness of the drug on coronavirus patients is 86 percent, he said, adding, “this antiviral drug is prescribed to patients in injection form.

It is predicted that the raw materials needed for producing the drug will be provided by China and “Remdesivir” will be mass produced by this knowledge-based company, Dr. Eghtedari emphasized.

The samples of the drug, which were imported into the country, were tested by Iranian researchers at the universities of medical sciences on coronavirus patients, saying that this antiviral drug is effective in treatment of coronavirus disease, he stressed.

According to the scheduled program, “Remdesivir” will be indigenized in the country within the next three months and then hit the market.   
Source : MNA
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