Sunday 28 June 2020 - 06:09

US Special Envoy Avi Berkowitz Lands in “Israeli” Entity

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US Special Envoy Avi Berkowitz Lands in “Israeli” Entity
"I'm very happy to be in ‘Israel’," Berkowitz posted in Hebrew to his Twitter account. "Shabbat shalom to everyone," he added.   

According to “Israeli” media, the United States is anxious to reach a consensus between “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and War Minister Benny Gantz regarding the issue of occupied West Bank annexation before a decision is announced.

With the exception of the United States, the international community along with the UN Security Council has urged Tel Aviv to back away from its annexation plans, insisting it will be an irreversible impediment to “peace”.

For their part, the Palestinians are demanding world powers force the entity back down from its annexation strategy under the threat of economic sanctions.

White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway said on Wednesday that US President Donald Trump will make an "important announcement" on the subject in the near future.