Thursday 9 July 2020 - 11:43

‘Israeli’ Army in Trouble with Unqualified Reserve Formations

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‘Israeli’ Army in Trouble with Unqualified Reserve Formations
Kochavi made the remarks while estimating the General Staff situation on the level of the reserve soldiers’ formation and their qualifications, after he warned that senior reserve officers are still serving in field posts due to this situation.

According to the officers’ claims, there are alarming gaps regarding all what is related to the reserve soldiers’ training, their qualifications and providing them with suitable equipment. According to the officers, they are not aware of the alarming situation. Some of them say that the ‘Israeli’ military decided to abandon the declining reserve formation.

Relatively, Maariv newspaper commented on the news, outlining that the reserve members who serve in the brigades that will take a central part in the future war, train only for an average of ten to fifteen days a year.

Kochavi, Maariv added, stressed in a private session that the enemy couldn’t be defeated in a future war without right drills and without the reserve formation that would be an inseparable part of it.

Maariv underscored that senior ‘Israeli’ reserve officers made clear lately that they feel detached, in addition to gaps in meeting the expectations regarding the army’s plans to activate the reserve formation in cases of emergency.

It is worth mentioning that amid the Coronavirus outbreak, and the second wave recently, the major reserve trainings were put on hold once again.

Additionally, there are doubts inside the Zionist entity regarding the army’s capabilities to increase the duration of training the reserve formations, which augmented its expenses.