Wednesday 29 July 2020 - 13:05

Ayatollah Khamenei: Islamic Unity Necessary to Stave Off Threats, Confront Enemies

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Ayatollah Khamenei: Islamic Unity Necessary to Stave Off Threats, Confront Enemies
Ayatollah Khamenei said: “Islamic unity must fall like a whip on the demon embodied by the treacherous aggressor America and its mad dog, ‘Israel’”.

In His Eminence’s message released on Wednesday, Imam Khamenei said the Islamic Republic’s firm stance on the ongoing developments in the US and the anti-racism movements is “supporting the people and condemning the racist US government’s brutal behavior”.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution slammed the United States’ behavior with the oppressed people saying that this attitude, “is in its wide scope a reflection of that policeman who had put his foot on the neck of an unarmed colored man, pressing on his neck until he was gone”.

His Eminence went on to say, “A glimpse into America’s streets, the scorn and stupidity of the decision-makers, the rampant racism … and the cold blood killing reveal the depth of Western civilization’s moral crisis added to its political and economic failure”.

Elsewhere in his address, Imam Khamenei tackled the Hajj pilgrimage saying, “Sadness dominates the hearts of believers because of the special circumstances that prevail the Hajj performances this year”.

“Hajj is like performing a drill against the arrogant people who wreak havoc in our Islamic societies,” His Eminence explained, adding: “The problems of the Islamic world are to be solved if those in charge of the Hajj choose God’s will instead of pleasing Washington”.

Imam Khamenei stresses the need to assist Palestine, Yemen and all the oppressed Muslims in the world.

“The US’ presence in West Asia harms the nation and causes the destruction in regional countries,” the Leader said, asserting that “It is in the interests of the Muslim nation that the world of Islam reaches a solidarity which builds a unified body against the US and Zionist regime's hostile threats and atrocities”.

Also in his message, Imam Khamenei sent his advice to “statesmen who joined ranks with the enemy and, for temporary personal gain, tolerate the enemy’s humiliation and bullying and compromise the dignity and independence of their own nations”.

“I advise those who accept the survival of the usurper and oppressive Zionist regime and extend a hand of friendship to it both covertly and overtly to beware of the bitter consequences of such behavior,” the Leader added.

"Hajj has always been the occasion of feeling the dignity, greatness and blossom of the Islamic world, which this year is experiencing the sorrow and regret of the believers and the feeling of separation and the failure of the eager,” Imam Khamenei explained.

His Eminence said, “Hearts are nostalgic to the Kaaba, and the separated are embracing tears and sighs. This deprivation is short-lived and will not last long God willing, but its lesson, which is to appreciate the great blessing of Hajj, must be sustained and free us from negligence.”