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Mossad Chief Spearheaded Normalization Deal With UAE, Made Several Trips to Gulf

14 Aug 2020 11:21

Islam Times - The director of the ‘Israeli’ Mossad spy agency visited the United Arab Emirates several times to broker the historic accord to normalize ties between the UAE and ‘Israel’, and was Tel Aviv’s point man for arranging the agreement, according to reports on Thursday.

The deal was boosted by cooperation between the two sides in the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic, according to ‘Israeli’ Channel 12 and The New York Times.

Mossad head Yossi Cohen made several clandestine trips to the UAE in the past year, and the Mossad arranged for secret shipments of medical equipment from ‘Israel’ to the UAE after the onset of the pandemic, the Times reported.

Cohen has met often with representatives of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt in a years-long effort to build relations with the Gulf States, the Times said.

Channel 12 added that establishing relations with Arab states is considered the responsibility of the Mossad.

A statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Office Thursday night said Netanyahu had called Cohen and “thanked him for the Mossad’s help over the years in developing ties with Gulf nations, which helped the peace deal come to fruition.”

Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, which share a common foe in Iran, already had well established intelligence and security relations, which were kept quiet but considered an open secret.

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