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Afghan Talk Negotiators to Hold First Direct Session on Tuesday

15 Sep 2020 11:17

Islam Times - Afghanistan and Taliban talk negotiators will hold their first direct session on Tuesday in Doha, officials said, as the warring sides try to work out an agenda and schedule for how to negotiate a deal as the United States withdraws troops.

A small group of negotiators from both sides had met in previous days to try to discuss how the substantive negotiations would take place.

“The contact group from both sides’ delegations continued the discussion on rules and procedures and prepared to present it to the general meeting between the two negotiating teams [taking place on Tuesday],” senior Afghan government negotiator Nader Nadery said.

The Taliban’s political spokesman Muhammad Naeem told Reuters by phone the meeting would be “general” and there were no specific agreed issues on the agenda.

An Afghan presidential palace official said a top priority was getting the Taliban to agree on a ceasefire or significant reduction in violence.

Violence has continued in the country even after the launch of talks at an opening ceremony in Doha on Saturday.

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