Monday 21 September 2020 - 06:04

Shamkhani Mocks US Consecutive Defeats against Iran

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Shamkhani Mocks US Consecutive Defeats against Iran
In a tweet published in Persian and Arabic on Sunday, Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani wrote, “With the active resistance of the Iranian nation, downing of US drones continues.”

“Downing of US ‘Global Hawk’ drone in the Persian Gulf enumerated the domino of downing of US virtual drones including support for internal unrests in Iran and continued arms embargoes as well as reinstatement of economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the tweet added.

He reiterated that the downing of the US drones continues with the active resistance of Iranian people.

 On June 20, 2019, a US ‘Global Hawk’ spy drone was shot down by Iran IRGC’s Aerospace Force in Hormozgan province after violating Iran’s airspace.