Thursday 24 September 2020 - 13:57

Iran Warns US of ‘Decisive’ Response in Case of Any Aggression

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Iran Warns US of ‘Decisive’ Response in Case of Any Aggression
“Mobilizing the region’s reactionary states to help the Zionist regime will not destroy the cause of Palestine,” Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said in remarks on Thursday.

The normalization will only draw the wrath of the Arab and Muslim nations in a way that those behind the agreements will regret it, he added.

“The US has learned its lessons from Iran’s Sacred Defense,” the general said, warning that if Americans try to create a new anti-Iran alliance and commit a new act of folly, they will receive a “decisive” response.

“We tell the US president not to play with the lion’s tail,” he said.

Last year, Washington embarked on a mission to garner support for an anti-Iran military coalition, which did not receive the support the US expected as even some of its allies refused to join the alliance. 

Iran has warned against attempts by the United States to form such a coalition against the Islamic Republic, saying such measures are destined to fail.

Tehran has also time and again underlined that it does not seek war with the US, yet stands ready to defend its interests in the region.