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92 Days on Hunger Strike: Maher Al-Akhras Strengthened by the World’s Free People

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92 Days on Hunger Strike: Maher Al-Akhras Strengthened by the World’s Free People
Al-Akhras explained that he is feeling heartache; however, he insisted to continue his hunger strike and never eat a bite unless he is freed from detention. The Palestinian detainee also pointed that freedom is taken from the occupation and not begged for from the Security Council.

He then urged every detainee and organization to stand for dignity and reject submission, underscoring that his power and will are strengthened by his Palestinian nationals, the families of detainees and martyrs, and all free people whether Palestinian, Arab or European.

“What I hear from the mothers of martyrs I don’t hear from senior leaders. The mothers of martyrs are our leaders. I thank all those who stood in solidarity with me, and I call on the Palestinians to unite instead of negotiating with the occupation.”

He further hailed the Gazans who supported him despite the blockade, considering that “the free people’s support of him in the ‘battle for dignity’ is a support for them and delights him.”

Detainee al-Akhras thanked the Lebanese people for their support: “Thanks for the South Lebanon people and their wise leadership. Thanks for the Lebanese people and Syria.”

Accordingly, in a most recent statement to the al-Manar TV, al-Akhras stressed that every Palestinian and every oppressed must raise the voice and not remain silent towards the occupation's crimes.

“I won't be broken in front of this coward occupation; my breaking will be the breaking of every free people in the world,” he stressed.

Al-Manar cited al-Akhras as calling on the Palestinian people to hold massive unified strikes to be liberated, stresses that there is no freedom without a price.

“Some Arab regimes have been collaborating with the occupation since a long time,” he concluded.
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