Monday 23 November 2020 - 21:50

Mujtahid: Netanyahu-MBS Meeting Tackled Iran Strike

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Mujtahid: Netanyahu-MBS Meeting Tackled Iran Strike
In several tweets, Mujtahid said that the real aim of Netanyahu’s meeting with Saudi Crown Mohammad Bin Salman (known as MBS), is to tackle a strike on Iran, which according to the Saudi activists has two reasons: “preventing Iran from going ahead with its nuclear activities especially that US President-Elect Joe Biden would rejoin the nuclear deal.”

The second reason, according to Mujtahid is to “destroy the Islamic Republic economically in a bid not to strengthen after lifting the blockade under Biden administration.”

Mujtahid revealed that the plot would be as following: “Since the US institutions and the American people would reject any plan to strike Iran the plot would be initiating a strike against the Islamic Republic by Israel forcing Washington to get into the war under the pretext of defending its interests.”

In this context, the Saudi activists noted that there are many obstacles facing such plot in bith US and the Zionist entity.

Normalization of ties between Saudi and ‘Israel’ is most probably following the inauguration of Biden, Mujtahid added.