Tuesday 24 November 2020 - 12:13

Netanyahu to Visit Bahrain Soon

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Netanyahu to Visit Bahrain Soon
Bahrain followed the United Arab Emirates [UAE] in normalizing ties with the “Israeli” entity in a deal brokered by the United States that marked a strategic Middle East alignment against Iran. The shift has enraged the Palestinians who have demanded statehood before any such regional rapprochement.

"We are both excited to bring the fruits of peace to our people and countries in such a short time. That's why he [al-Khalifa] invited me to come soon for a formal visit in Bahrain and I will do this happily," Netanyahu said in a statement about a phone call he held with the crown prince.

A first Bahraini delegation visited the “Israeli” entity last Wednesday.

On Monday, an “Israeli” official and local media said Netanyahu had secretly traveled to Saudi Arabia on Sunday for talks with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman [MBS] and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in what would be the first publicly confirmed visit there by an “Israeli” leader.

Since September, the Trump administration has brokered agreements with Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Sudan toward normalizing their relations with the entity. An “Israeli delegation” traveled to Sudan on Monday.

Although White House officials have said more countries are considering normalizing ties with the “Israeli” entity, further developments appear unlikely before President-elect Joe Biden takes office on Jan. 20 and establishes his administration's policy on Iran.

Biden has said he would rejoin the nuclear accord that world powers signed.