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ISIL Claims Responsibility for Killing Shiites in Hazara

MNA , 4 Jan 2021 03:54

Islam Times - ISIL terrorist group and “Lashkar-e-Jhangvi” claimed responsibility for killing 11 Shiites in Hazara of Pakistan on Sunday.

According to media reports, ISIL Zionist - terrorist group announced that it has captivated 11 Shiite Muslims in western Pakistan and beheaded them all.

Earlier, it had been announced that armed assailants opened fire after taking hostage of 11 coal miners in southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan.

Victims were Hazara Shiites and the incident took place Sunday morning at a mine located at 48 km away from Quetta.

In a Twitter message, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan described the move as cowardly and inhumane. While supporting the victims' families, he called on security forces to use all available resources to identify perpetrators.

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