Wednesday 20 January 2021 - 13:00

“Israeli” Navy Prepares for Confrontation against Hezbollah, Hamas

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“Israeli” Navy Prepares for Confrontation against Hezbollah, Hamas
The “Israeli” Occupation Forces [IOF] recently held a drill in the southern town of Ashkelon to simulate Gaza war scenarios. Residents were surprised to see large IOF forces in full gear on the city’s streets, but a key element in the exercise was hidden from view: The Navy’s close cooperation with ground forces.

The IOF is transforming its naval arm into a key fighting force. During the drill, armored corps officers were stationed on every battleship to integrate sea and land capabilities. They relayed intelligence collected by the ships to tanks in the field, while taking requests for the Navy to hit land targets.  

The IOF is equipping its missile boats with substantial firepower and intelligence gear, the Mako website reported. This will enable the Navy to eliminate high-value targets in Gaza, including rocket launch sites, Palestinian headquarters and elusive rocket squads.  

This week, the “Israeli” entity’s Shin Bet warned that the military buildup in Gaza poses the gravest terror threat to the entity on the Palestinian front. Security experts say that the IOF will ultimately have to dismantle the Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas war machine, including its elite naval commandos.

The IOF is also concerned about the Hezbollah’s naval capacity and its stockpile of land-to-sea rockets. In the 2006 Lebanon War, the Lebanese Resistance group hit an “Israeli” warship with an advanced missile.

The “Israeli” entity’s missile boats have been armed with precision-guided munitions and a powerful cannon that can fire up to 200 shells per minute with pinpoint accuracy, the Mako report said.