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Nigeria leaders and their Western masters are mortally afraid of him

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Nigeria leaders and their Western masters are mortally afraid of him
The following text an interview whit Mr. Omar Zaki a Professor of Osman Ibn Fudio University in the Sokoto, Nigeria.

Why do we witness such a crime against the Sheikh and his wife?

Sincerely, it is difficult to understand the reason. However, it seems the issue has international dimensions because of a statement made by crown prince of Saudi Arabia that they succeeded in diminishing the strength of Shi'a in Nigeria. This shows that the Nigerian Government is acting on behalf of Saudi Arabia to fight Shi'a in Nigeria and particularly to destroy the influence of Sheikh Zakzaky. As we all know, Saudi Arabia is blindly protecting the interest of America and Israel. Therefore, we can deduce that it is actually American Interest to fight Shi'a in Nigeria through fighting Sheikh Zakzaky

  What is the crime and guilt of Sheikh Zakzaki?

One of the obvious offence of Sheikh Zakzaky is his effort in calling on Nigerians to understand that their leaders are grossly corrupt and the Nigerian leaders are not protecting the interest of their people. Instead they are selling the country and its resources to wastern powers at the expense of the citizens.

Why is he as a prominent person so popular among the followers of all religions, especially islam and christianity?

The government is more particular on Sheikh Zakzaky because of his followership. Many people are understanding and supporting his call. Therefore, the leaders and their Western masters are afraid that Nigerians will revolt against them and free the country from their exploitation if Sheikh Zakzaky continue with his call

What are the goals and concepts of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria?

The goals of Islamic movement in Nigeria are two.
1. For the Muslims to understand the true teaching of Islam through understanding of Ahlul-Beit.
2. To free the country corruption and exploration by Western powers

What is your opinion bout his trial?  Isn't that the purpose of the gradual assassination of the sheikh?

Actually, they don't want Sheikh Zakzaky to continue his call. So, they want to keep him out of public domain by all means. Because his survival is their death.
 They are mortally afraid of him. I mean Nigeria leaders and their Western masters, America, Israel, Zionist are all the same and leaders of Nigeria are their obedient servants.

In fact we don't have leaders in Nigeria because our so called leaders are not protecting the interest of the country. They are following the dictates of Western powers. Therefore, Nigerian leaders are simply servants of Western powers. They are leading Nigeria to destruction.
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