Friday 19 February 2021 - 22:06

Netanyahu: Israel Opposes US Return to JCPOA

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Netanyahu: Israel Opposes US Return to JCPOA
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office, quoting the Israeli prime minister, claimed that Israel remained committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and that its position on the nuclear deal had not changed.

Netanyahu claimed that a return to the old agreement would pave Iran's way to develop a nuclear arsenal.

The US State Department said in a statement on Friday morning that it accepted the European Union's offer to attend a meeting of the JCPOA commission to discuss a return to the agreement.

Danny Danon, the former ambassador of the Zionist regime to the United States, opposed Washington's decision to negotiate with Iran to return to JCPOA.

This morning, the US Interim Representative to the United Nations, in a letter to the Security Council chairman, withdrew the former US administration's claim to return all UN sanctions against Iran.