Sunday 28 February 2021 - 11:09

Hundreds Rally in NYC to Protest Racist Attacks on Asian Americans

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Hundreds Rally in NYC to Protest Racist Attacks on Asian Americans
Hundreds of people rallied in Lower Manhattan Saturday to protest increasing violence against Asian Americans.

The rally in Foley Square was near the site of Thursday’s attack on a 36-year-old Asian man, who was stabbed in the stomach. Police arrested Salman Muflihi, 23, who was initially charged with attempted murder as a hate crime and assault as a hate crime among other counts.

“We will not accept hatred in New York City! Stop Asian hate. This is the message we have to get out not just in New York City, but all over this country. Stop Asian hate, stop it now,” Mayor de Blasio told the crowd.

“People are literally scared to leave their homes,” Meng said. “We’ve been taught our entire life to just fit in. Just be quiet, don’t speak up, be invisible. If you are invisible enough you will be seen as American. But we are here to say we will be invisible no more! We will speak up! … We are American, too.”

Andrew Yang, a New York City mayoral candidate, expressed a voice of concern on the underreporting of hate crimes by the Asian-American community: "Right now many Asian-Americans do not actually turn to law enforcement if they are victims of this kind of violence, even now they're being underreported despite our best efforts."

During his presidency, Donald Trump would notoriously refer to COVID-19 as the 'Chinese Virus' or the 'China Virus' facing accusations of racism.