Monday 8 March 2021 - 12:09
In an exclusive interview with the Islam Times, John Joseph, a prominent Nigerian priest:

Fear of the Government Forces Nigerian Journalists Not to Write about Sheikh Zakzaky's Condition

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Fear of the Government Forces Nigerian Journalists Not to Write about Sheikh Zakzaky
According to the Islam Times, on December 13, 2015, Nigerian police have attacked Husseiniyah Zaria and the private home of Allama Sheikh Zakzaky with a previous plot to destroy Shiite Islam in Nigeria, killing more than a thousand Shiites and a number of members of the family of Sheikh Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, he was severely wounded and taken prisoner. 

After this incident, the Nigerian people have been protesting almost every day for the past 5 years, but it is not only the Shiites who are participating in the protests, but also the Sunnis of Nigeria and other religions, including the Christians of this country.

Nigerian Christians have been drawn to Sheikh Zakzaky's character due to his highly respectful character and attitude, and strongly support him and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

It is worth mentioning that the helping of poor Christian families, who often live in the suburbs of the Nigerian capital Abuja, is one of the traditions that Sheikh Zakzaki has always adhered to, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

In this regard, the correspondent of "Islam Times" news site talked with Pastor "John Joseph", one of the prominent Christian priests, regarding "Sheikh Zakzaky".

Q) Why do you, as a prominent Christian priest, support Sheikh Zakzaki and the Islamic Movement?

Sheikh Zakzaki is a representative of peace and tranquility in Nigerian society, defending human rights, speaking out against oppression and he has shown it to the people.

The Nigerian Shiite leader makes no distinction between the people. He loves all Nigerians, including Muslims and Christians, and has created love and affection between the followers of Islam and Christianity.

Sheikh Zakzaky loves the Nigerian people despite their religious differences.

Q) In this regard, do you think Sheikh Zakzaky has been oppressed?

Yes, I believe that "Sheikh Zakzaky" has been oppressed, many of his supporters have been killed and some of them are even imprisoned. 

Sheikh Zakzaky's six children were martyred and he and his wife were taken to prison when they were ill, while despite their very bad physical condition, they are deprived of treatment; All this cruelty has been highlighted to this character and no justice has been done to them. 

Oppression means injustice and injustice will never replace justice.

Q) As a great Christian figure and a supporter of Sheikh Zakzaky, what did you do to free him?

We have worked hard for the release of Sheikh Zakzaky, and our efforts and negotiations on the oppression of Sheikh Zakzaky will continue. For example, we had interviews with a group of journalists and attended demonstrations for the release of this prominent religious leader in Nigeria.

Q) Some news shows that the Nigerian government, along with the Zionist regime, is involved in the oppression of Sheikh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement. What is your opinion on this?

This issue has caused me concern, and I believe that any party that is involved in this issue is considered the enemy of humanity.

Q) In the end, what is your message to all the free and freedom-loving people of the world?

We all need to know that oppressing one person means oppressing everyone, because after oppressing this person, in the future another person will be oppressed that we do not know who that person is. Therefore, I call on all Nigerians, of all religions and tribes, to participate in solving the problems that affect the lives of all of us, and in this regard, again I emphasize everyone to be present to solve the problem of "Sheikh Zakzaky".