Sunday 14 March 2021 - 00:23

US Approves sale of Spy jJets to Germany amid NATO Encroachment on Russian Border

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US Approves sale of Spy jJets to Germany amid NATO Encroachment on Russian Border
The State Department’s office of Political and Military Affairs announced the approval of the sale to Germany of five Poseidon P-8A patrol aircraft developed and produced by Boeing Defense, Space and Security, modified from the 737-800.

The aircraft armed with what the US flagship aviation company has described as the world’s “most advanced” weapon systems and other equipment such as sensors and radars, is used for reconnaissance activities.

The sale of the spy aircraft to Germany would “support the foreign policy and national security of the United States,” the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) wrote to Congress, adding that the sale would also improve the “security of a NATO” member state.

The DSCA further said the sale of the spy aircraft will require four US government officials and four contractors to spend two years in Germany to help with “equipment familiarization, training and supply support.”

Germany’s purchase of the Boeing spy jets comes amid a sharp increase in NATO flights along the Russian border over the past year.

In 2020 alone, the Russian Defense Ministry said thousands of combat aircraft and spy planes approached the country’s airspace, and in many cases had to be escorted away by interceptors.

The US and NATO forces also held US-led war games in eastern Europe near Russian borders, deploying tanks and troops for the drills in the region.

NATO member Lithuania announced last year that the American troops stationed in Poland had taken part in military exercises near Russian frontiers.

Lithuania’s army spokesperson claimed the exercises were “defensive in nature and not directed against any neighbor.”

Provocative US-led NATO military activities have particularly increased in frequency since 2014, when the then-Ukrainian territory of Crimea joined Russia following a referendum and when a military conflict erupted in eastern Ukraine.

Earlier in February, the US military reportedly conducted a “mini exercise,” launching a simulated nuke attack on Russia.

The Pentagon claimed in a statement that the low-yield warhead was deployed on the USS Tennessee submarine patrolling in the Atlantic Ocean to deter "potential adversaries, like Russia," and in response to Russian tests of similar weapons.

Russia has repeatedly denounced the US provocative moves, warning Washington that it will respond to US hostility.