Thursday 1 April 2021 - 12:56

US Military Airlifts 40 Daesh Terrorists in Syria from Al-Houl Prison to its Base

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US Military Airlifts 40 Daesh Terrorists in Syria from Al-Houl Prison to its Base
Syria’s official news agency SANA reported on Wednesday that “three US military helicopters and three attack helicopters landed on Tuesday evening in al-Shadadi Base.”

Al-Houl Prison lies east of Hasakah city and is run by the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – an anti-Damascus alliance of predominantly Kurdish militants supported by Washington.

Two Iraqi terrorists, identified as Ziyad Idris (aka Abu Saif al-Iraqi), and Najdat Masoud Rida (aka Abu Bakr al-Furati), were among those airlifted to al-Shadadi, SANA said.

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television network said the airlift followed an SDF operation purportedly against Daesh cells in Al-Houl Camp, which is home to 70,000 people, most of them Iraqi nationals. There are 12,000 people – the wives and children of detained Daesh terrorists – among the camp dwellers.

In January, field sources told al-Mayadeen that US helicopters transferred batches of Daesh terrorists, most of them Iraqi citizens, from the prisons of Ghuwayran and al-Sena’a in Hasakah to American bases in Iraq. More than 100 of the airlifted militants were provided with weapons and freed, the Lebanese network reported.

Back then, the sources said that by the transfers the Pentagon sought to see terrorist attacks in Syria and Iraq in order to justify the presence of US terrorist forces in the two countries.

There have been reports showing Washington’s direct or indirect support through its regional allies for the terrorist group in the past years.

Numerous accounts have emerged alleging airlifts, weapon airdrops and aerial support for the Takfiri outfit, especially at a time its strength has diminished in Syria and Iraq.