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Jordan's King Abdullah, Prince Hamzah Make First Joint Appearance Since ‘Plot’ Crisis

12 Apr 2021 10:18

Islam Times - Jordan’s King Abdullah II and his half-brother Prince Hamzah, who is accused of plotting to oust the monarch, have made their first joint public appearance since a rift shook the country amid allegations of a coup attempt.

On Sunday, Jordanian state TV showed King Abdullah II, Prince Hamzah, Crown Prince Hussein and other members of the royal family attending a ceremony marking 100 years of the kingdom’s independence, while they were laying wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as well as royal tombs in Raghadan Palace in Jordan’s capital, Amman.  

The royal palace also released a photo on its Twitter account of the royal family at the cemetery where their ancestors are buried, with the caption "HM King Abdullah II, HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein... (and) Hamzah bin Al Hussein... visit tomb of HM the late King Abdullah I."

This was their first public appearance together since a rare palace feud and coup plot allegations last week.

Last Saturday, the military warned Prince Hamzah over actions it said were undermining "security and stability" in Jordan.

Hamzah later said he was under house arrest, accusing the kingdom's ruling system of corruption, incompetence, and harassment. Several high-profile figures were also detained.

Prince Hamzah was accused of liaising with people who had contacts with foreign parties in a plot to destabilize Jordan, an important ally of the United States, and that he had been under investigation for some time.

The half-brother of King Abdullah and former heir to the throne said in a voice recording released by Jordan's opposition that he would not comply after being barred from any activity and told to keep quiet.

Late on Monday, Hamzah pledged loyalty to King Abdullah II after mediation by the royal family.

On Wednesday, King Abdullah said sedition had been quashed, adding that Hamzah is “under my care” with his family at his palace.

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