Wednesday 14 April 2021 - 22:02

‘Israeli’ Security Source: Naval War with Iran a Failure

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‘Israeli’ Security Source: Naval War with Iran a Failure
According to the source, “foreign reports have shown that jamming the tankers’ work has been taking place secretly over a long period,” but explained that “at a certain moment and due to exceptional activities the army carried out, this battle has no longer been secret, which forced the Iranians to speak up about it in media.”

“As a result of the incidents, it is supposed that the Iranians boosted the protection of their ships,” the source added.

Attacking Iran’s “Saviz” Ship in the Red Sea was also a mistake, the source pointed out, and went on to say that “those who attacked it didn’t estimate correctly the repercussions and its low importance according to the Iranians, and they made another mistake when they identified it as a target.”