Friday 23 April 2021 - 06:30

Aoun Calls on Lebanese to Be “Patient” As Country Collapses

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Aoun Calls on Lebanese to Be “Patient” As Country Collapses
Aoun's comment came during a security meeting at the Baabda Palace, where according to a statement by his media office, he said that the people should be patient and that he understands their pain and suffering which is why he is focusing on the importance of the forensic audit of the Central Bank and state institutions so that the reasons for the country's financial meltdown are revealed and people can reclaim their rights.

Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab who was also at the meeting insisted that it is necessary for the forensic audit to be carried out for which his government had given the green light for in March 2020. He also stressed that all the efforts should be put to pass the capital control law.

Diab also noted that it is important to avoid tensions arising from the dire economic and social situation calling for the formation of a new government as soon as possible.

Officials in Baabda also discussed recent events in Awkar, north of Beirut, where Mount Lebanon Prosecutor Ghada Aoun raided the offices of Mecattaf Holdings, a foreign exchange company under investigation, despite being removed from all cases related to financial crimes by State Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat which had sparked outrage among people.

Confrontations between supporters of Judge Aoun, Oueidat and security officers have been occurring in front of the Justice Palace and at the Mecattaf offices.

President Aoun, during the meeting, stressed on the importance of freedom of expression and protecting public and private property calling on security forces to preserve peace and order.