Tuesday 27 April 2021 - 08:12

China Voices Opposition to Willful Use of Unilateral Sanctions

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China Voices Opposition to Willful Use of Unilateral Sanctions
In a press conference in the capital Beijing on Monday, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin said, “We oppose the willful use of unilateral sanctions or the threat of sanctions. This is an act of bullying by powerful forces, which is deeply unpopular and will be increasingly resisted and opposed.”

She made the remarks days after the US imposed massive sanctions on Russia and expelled 10 Russian diplomats over alleged cyberattacks, human rights violations, and activity in Ukraine.

Some European countries have also expelled Russian diplomats over a number of allegations, including espionage. The Kremlin has taken necessary measures in response.

Beijing “has always maintained that countries should properly resolve differences through consultation on an equal footing on the basis of mutual respect,” the official said.

In his annual State of the Nation address, Russian President Putin said those who provoke Russia would regret their actions and that Moscow’s red line should not be trampled.

Relations between Washington and Moscow have been strained over such issues as Syria and Ukraine as well as allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, which Moscow has denied.

Wang stressed that China and Russia are “comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination” in the new era, saying that the two sides would continue to “understand and support” each other in protecting and defending their respective “sovereignty, security and development interests.”

Wang also called for concerted efforts to combat the raging COVID-19 pandemic at this critical moment.

“At present, the global situation of the COVID-19 pandemic is still severe. In the face of the common difficulties faced by mankind, the international community should work together to overcome the difficulties, respond to new threats and challenges, contribute to an early recovery of the global economy, and promote international peace and security.”