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Israeli PM Threatens to Use ‘Iron Fist If Needed’ to Stop Demonstrations

13 May 2021 03:26

Islam Times - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tel Aviv will use “an iron fist if needed” to stop protests by its Palestinian citizens.

“We are continuing our efforts to stop the anarchy and restore governance to the cities of Israel, with an iron fist if needed, with all forces needed and all authorities required,” he stated, Al-Jazeera reported.

Dozens of Palestinians were arrested at protests in other towns and cities.

In the Central city of Lod, also known as Lydd, a state of emergency was declared for the first time in 66 years. Israeli authorities ordered the redeployment of paramilitary border police companies from the occupied West Bank as reinforcements.

Thousands of Palestinian citizens demonstrated in the city after the Moussa Hassouneh’s funeral, who was shot dead by a Jewish settler on Monday.

The crowd fought with police and set a synagogue and tens of vehicles on fire, Israeli media reported.

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