Saturday 15 May 2021 - 03:25

Palestinian Resistance Imposes an Air blockade on “Israel”

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Palestinian Resistance Imposes an Air blockade on “Israel”
According to Maariv newspaper, a Palestinian missile landed near the Eilot settlement, adjacent to Ramon Airport, which is located near the Jordanian border.

This development indicates that the Palestinian resistance was able to impose an air blockade over “Israel”, halting air traffic at the Ben Gurion and Ramon airports. As a result, all flights to Britain, Austria, Germany, and the United States were cancelled.

The Ayyash missile, which struck Ramon airport after being introduced into the battle by which Al-Qassam for the first time, has a range of 250 kilometers.

The bombing of Ramon Airport is likely to cause great disappointment for the Zionists, especially after “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inaugurated it in 2019 on the grounds that it would be an alternative to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv in cases of emergency.

Upon its opening, the airport authority said that Ramon is the first international and domestic airport to form the southern air gate for "Israel" and will primarily serve domestic and international tourism to Eilat and tourist sites in the occupied territories.