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Russia Offers Lebanon Power, Port, Fuel Investments Soon, Will Pro-US Parties Approve Them?

15 Jun 2021 22:17

Islam Times - Amid squeezing economic conditions, Lebanon receives more offers from friendly countries aimed at saving its basic sectors from the complete collapse expected to be imminent.

In this context, Russia will reportedly offer Lebanon a list of investments in the country’s power, fuel and seaport sectors on June 27 during an official visit of a technical delegation to Beirut.

The delegation will present its conclusions of a 45-day field study of the main sectors and facilities which Russia can invest in, knowing that the same delegation had visited Lebanon and prepared a preliminary plan for its investments.

In details, the delegation visited the two oil refineries in Al-Zahrani and Tripoli, Beirut seaport and two power plants.

However, the question remains whether the pro-US political parties will approve those investments in light of the US pressures.

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