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ISF Announce Arresting Lebanese Man Spying for “Israeli” Enemy

16 Jul 2021 22:13

Islam Times - Lebanese Internal Security Forces revealed that “It has arrested a Lebanese man who has confessed to working for an 'Israeli' intelligence service.”

The 31-year-old man, identified by his initials M.Y., was arrested on June 30 in the Western Bekaa region on suspicion of having contacts with "enemy intelligence," ISF said.

During interrogation, "he confessed that in early 2019, he emailed several “Israeli” security agencies seeking work. He was later contacted by a person and offered him sums of money in return for gathering information in addition to other missions."

ISF said the man was trained by the operator and later supplied the requested information. It gave no further details on the nature of information supplied by the man or the exact 'Israeli' service he worked for.

Analysis of MY's personal belongings and phones corroborated his confession and he was handed over to the judiciary, the statement added.

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