Saturday 17 July 2021 - 11:41

Assad Takes Constitutional Oath as President of Syria for New Term

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Assad Takes Constitutional Oath as President of Syria for New Term
After the ceremony of taking the oath, al-Assad addressed the audience saying that through your awareness and national belonging, you have proven that peoples’ determination in defending their rights won’t weaken whatsoever the colonists have prepared.

“They have sought to make it a chaos that burns our homeland, but, through your national unity, you have shot the coup de grace at the projects that targeted the homeland,” Assad told the audience.

Assad hailed popular participation in presidential elections as evidence of great national awareness, then said that the election experience has proven that it is the people who give legitimacy to the state, noting that nations that know the path to freedom do not struggle to defend their rights.

He also said that the Syrians inside their homeland are increasing in determination and challenge, but those who were deceived had been exploited by the enemy against Syria.

Assad underscored that conspiracies which continue until today, and been prepared by some agents, aim to reach a constitution that puts Syria at the mercy of foreign powers, but these attempts have vanished by virtue of the Syrian people’s resilience.

“The enemy betted on fear of terrorism, now the bet is on transforming citizens into mercenaries,” he also warned.