Sunday 18 July 2021 - 20:51

Syrian President Discusses with Chinese Foreign Minister Boosting Bilateral Relations

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Syrian President Discusses with Chinese Foreign Minister Boosting Bilateral Relations
During the meeting, it was agreed to move towards a new stage in strengthening these relations and opening wider horizons for bilateral cooperation in all fields to serve the interests of the two countries and peoples.

President Assad affirmed that China is a strong country and has a great and significant position on the international arena, adding that Syria looks forward to expanding areas of cooperation with it at all domains, based on its strong presence and its ethical policies which serve most countries and peoples of the world.

President al-Assad thanked China for its support to the Syrian people in various fields, and its important stances at the international forums in support of Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independent decision.

Syria’s participation in “Belt and Road Initiative “ was also discussed during the meeting, as the Chinese Minister stressed his country’s interest in Syria’s participation in the initiative due to its location and its importance regional role.

He underlined that his country will continue in supporting the Syrian people in the war against terrorism, confrontation of the blockade and inhuman sanctions imposed on them, as wells as standing against the interference in the domestic affairs of the Syrian people and whatever affects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

He conveyed congratulations of Chinese President Xi Jinping to President Assad on winning the presidential election, noting that the success of this entitlement indicates the people’s victory and their firm determination to resist all challenges and domination attempts which they are exposed to.

President Assad on Saturday took the constitutional oath before Speaker and members of the people’s Assembly in the presence of political, party, media, religious figures and families of the martyrs and the injured.

Source : SANA