Tuesday 20 July 2021 - 12:25

Ansarullah Leader: Al-Saud’s Barring Hajj A Great Crime

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Ansarullah Leader: Al-Saud’s Barring Hajj A Great Crime
“Barring the Hajj pilgrimage is a great crime that betrays the Al Saud regime’s role in targeting the [global Muslim] Nation,” Al-Houthi was quoted as saying in a statement on Monday.

He further expressed regret over the fact that Saudi Arabia’s measures had emptied the holy Muslim sites in the kingdom from pilgrims and worshipers, calling Riyadh’s obstructive efforts “open opposition to the letter of Holy Qur’an.”

“This action on the part of Al-Saud amounts to an egregious violation of one of the principles of Hajj that God has defined as an Islamic and global imperative,” Al-Houthi said.

In parallel, he viewed that the kingdom was facing the annual pilgrimage with such complications at the same time that it was assisting its officials in the entertainment sector to hold celebrations and gatherings.

Saudi Arabia has for a second consecutive year barred Muslims from other countries to perform their rituals in the annual Hajj pilgrimage due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The measures reflected the “truth behind the Saudi establishment’s mindset,” Al-Houthi confirmed, reasserting that the Saudi regime refused to treat either the holy sites or the international Muslim community with respect.

The official, meanwhile, enumerated the kingdom’s ongoing aggression against his nation as an instance of the crimes that it was committing in the service of the enemies of the Muslim world.