Sunday 17 October 2021 - 22:17

Iran Warns agianst Rise of Terrorist Groups in Afghanistan

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Iran Warns agianst Rise of Terrorist Groups in Afghanistan
"The rise of Daesh (the ISIL) and other Takfiri terrorist groups, following a change of government in Afghanistan, is dangerous," Amir Abdollahian said during the meeting in the Iranian capital.
On October 8 and 15, the ISIL terrorists attacked Shia mosques in the Afghan cities of Kunduz and Kandahar, respectively, killing and injuring hundreds of innocent worshipers attending Friday prayers.
The terrorist attacks happened almost two months after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan amid swift advances on the ground, which many attribute to a hasty withdrawal of the US-led foreign forces.
The Iranian foreign minister, meantime, called on the European Union to take “a more responsible approach” in protecting the rights of Afghans displaced by violence.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Amir Abdollahian referred to Iran’s longstanding and old relations with Austria, and expressed the hope for a growth in economic and trade ties between the two countries.
Launsky-Tieffenthal, for his part, praised the friendly relations between Tehran and Vienna.
He also denounced the latest terrorist acts in Afghanistan, and said Iran and Austria have common concerns concerning the ISIL.
Additionally, he stressed Austria’s support for meetings of Afghanistan’s neighbors to help resolve that country's problems.
In relevant remarks earlier on Sunday, Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf condemned the trans-regional forces for violating security in the region, and said that the US is seeking to push the regional states into war to deprive them of lasting peace and economic prosperity.
"The West Asian region is in a very sensitive situation today. Some complicated plans are underway to involve the countries of the region in civil wars," the Iranian Parliament speaker said while addressing the Sunday session of the parliament. 
"Creating dispute between the countries of the region is on the agenda of the United States and its allies to prevent economic cooperation and the establishment of lasting peace throughout the region," he added.
Qalibaf underlined that the occurrence of tragic events such as the killing of innocent people at the Bibi Fatima Mosque in Kandahar, the armed and illegal riots in Lebanon, the divisiveness in Iraq and the false and divisive statements made by some regional leaders in the past week have revealed these conspiracies more than before.
He reiterated that the Islamic Republic wants to maintain stability and security throughout the region, and said that Iran considers the will of the people in every country as the determining factor to settle disputes, as well thwart conspiracies.
The Iranian parliament speaker also said that any action that violate security throughout the region are condemned, adding that all countries must work to establish lasting peace and stability and increase economic relations in the region.
In a relevant development on Thursday, Iran's Ambassador to the European Union Gholamhossein Dehqani underlined that the US and other member-states of the NATO military alliance should shoulder the responsibility for the negative consequences of their invasion of Afghanistan.
Dehqani made the remarks addressing a virtual meeting of the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).
The Iranian ambassador referred to the reasons behind the current crisis in Afghanistan, and said that Iran has always suffered from the crises in the neighboring country.
"Invasion of Afghanistan by the NATO destroyed the social structure and lifestyle in the country and those who invaded must take the responsibility of their malign role in Afghanistan," he underlined.
The Iranian envoy, meantime, said that while the invaders systematically evade their humanitarian responsibilities and shut their borders to Afghan refugees, the mere rhetoric wouldn’t help solve the crisis in Afghanistan.
Referring to the flow of Afghan refugees, Dehqani said that it shouldn't be taken for granted that only neighbor countries must host Afghan migrants.
The Iranian ambassador reiterated that the international community should prevent Afghan people from leaving their country by providing them with effective assistance.