Friday 19 November 2021 - 12:56

’Israel’s’ Insanity Revealed by Filming Children during Night Raid

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’Israel’s’ Insanity Revealed by Filming Children during Night Raid
In a new revelation, a video emerged showing an "Israeli" soldier lining up school-aged Palestinian children and photographing them in a nighttime raid on their home. 
The video shines a light on the military's brutal tactics in the occupied West Bank.
The video was released Wednesday by the "Israeli" group B'tselem and shows soldiers in a Palestinian home after dark. The Palestinian adults are seen gathering up the children from the home – some of them appearing to have been roused from sleep – and ushering them onto a balcony. A girl is seen crying, and a woman comforts her by saying "it's just routine."
The soldier raises his phone to take a picture of the children – many of them grade-schoolers and younger – and implores them to "say cheese."
The incident caught on camera, which according to B'tselem and the military took place in the West Bank city of Occupied Al-Khalil [Hebron] in September.
The video comes after a recent report by former "Israeli" soldiers and the Washington Post described an effort by "Israeli" soldiers to gather photos of Palestinians in the West Bank for use in surveillance technology.
"It seems that for the military, all Palestinians, including school-age children, are potential offenders. At any time, it is permissible to wake them up at night, enter their homes and subject them to a lineup," B'tselem wrote in a statement.