Tuesday 11 January 2022 - 20:40

Zionist Police Checking Phones of Ex-PM Netanyahu’s PR People

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Zionist Police Checking Phones of Ex-PM Netanyahu’s PR People
At the same time, the majority of the justices strongly criticized the police for the slow pace of fixing errors they were making in improperly invading the privacy of suspects regarding cell phones and other electronic devices.
Justice Yosef Elron went even farther than the majority's criticism, dissenting and finding the police's misconduct sufficient to penalize them regarding access to the cell phones in dispute.
In July 2021, the High Court hearing on the issue was broadcast live due to its profound legal implications and the ‘Israel’ Bar Association and the Public Defender's Office came out in support of Netanyahu's advisers' position.
In mid-February 2021, Netanyahu aides Ofer Golan and Yonatan Orich requested that High Court President Esther Hayut allow them a rare hearing before a broad panel of the court, a request which she granted.
On January 26, 2021, a three-judge panel of the High Court had endorsed the police’s authority to access all data on the two Netanyahu aides’ cell phones.
The two were involved in efforts to intimidate former top Netanyahu aide turned witness, Shlomo Filber, from following through with his plan to accuse his former boss of corruption.