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Hezbollah Rejects Lebanon’s Foreign Ministry Condemnation of Russian Military Operation in Ukraine

26 Feb 2022 05:52

Islam Times - Labor Minister Mustafa Bayram reflected during Friday’s cabinet session Hezbollah dissatisfaction with the statement issued by the foreign ministry pertaining the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Bayram stressed that the condemnation of the Russian operation in Ukraine violates the principle of neutrality admitted by the Lebanese authorities, shakes the governmental solidarity and exposes Lebanon to the dangerous repercussions of the dispute.

For his part, the member of Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc, MP Ibrahim Al-Moussawi, asked the foreign minister to explain Lebanon’s foreign policy and determine the national interest in issuing such a statement.

MP Al-Moussawi wondered, via Twitter, how the statement interferes in the distance while Lebanon’s official policy admits neutrality.

The Lebanese foreign ministry had issued a statement which denounced the Russian military operation in Ukraine and called on Moscow to halt it immediately.

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