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West Undermines Strategic Stability in Europe: Russian Security Council’s Chief

19 May 2022 00:33

Islam Times - The Western countries have undermined strategic stability in Europe and the Middle East and jeopardized the architecture of security in the Asia-Pacific Region, as well as destabilized the world situation in general, the secretary of Russia’s Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, said in a message of greeting to foreign ambassadors who are meeting with the Security Council’s staff on Wednesday.

Patrushev stressed that amid the emergence of new centers of power the world was turning increasingly unstable due to certain countries’ reluctance to lose their geopolitical dominance. These countries, Patrushev said, acting in defiance of the others’ interests have intentionally ruined the system of international stability that had taken yeas to build and ignored Russia’s security guarantee proposals.

“As a result, strategic stability has been upset in Europe and the Middle East and the architecture of security in the Asia-Pacific Region placed in jeopardy. The war of sanctions against Russia has sharply destabilized the economic situation around the world. Many countries are faced with the risk of famine,” Patrushev said.

He recalled that the Western countries had unilaterally severed a number of major international treaties, including those in the field of arms control. At the same time, projects beneficial to select few were being promoted to create new closed military-political blocs in various regions of the world, Patrushev added.

“The very same forces are stubbornly devaluing the potential of international law in an attempt to replace it with some kind of a “rule-based order”, the rules of those who create it, and not of the entire world community,” Patrushev noted. In addition, he stressed, attempts are continuing to undermine the key role of the United Nations and a number of other multilateral institutions, primarily in the field of maintaining global security and conflict resolution. The activity of special and specialized structures of the United Nations is being politicized.

“Under these conditions, the countries that are really striving to ensure stability in the interests of the entire world, including Russia, suggest developing a peaceful, secure, open and cooperation-based unifying agenda, ultimately aimed at the socio-economic development of states, at improving the well-being of their peoples and at building a single and indivisible architecture of international security. However, this will be difficult to achieve without coordinated and concerted action by of the entire world community,” Patrushev concluded.

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