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‘Israel’: Hamas Military Leader Mohammad Al-Dhaif to Decide ‘Escalation or No Escalation’

27 May 2022 01:11

Islam Times - As part of submitting to the warnings staged by the Palestinian resistance against violating the sanctity of the holy al-Aqsa Mosque during the anticipated so-called Zionist ‘Flag March’, Yossi Yehoshua wrote for Yedioth Ahronoth that the leaders of the ‘Israeli’ security establishment are preparing for Sunday’s event in which readiness is at its highest level for any possible escalation.

All sides, the Shin Bet, the Army, and the Police, recommended Zionist Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to hold the ‘Flag March’ upon the current plot, which includes passing through the Nablus Gate. All heads of the security forces warned that changing the route of the parade at the last minute will be interpreted as an ‘Israeli’ weakness.

However, Yehoshua said the one who will decide whether an escalation will take place or not is the leader of Hamas resistance movement’s military wind, Abu Khalid, Mohammad al-Dhaif, as he compared the situation to the year-old Operation Al-Quds Sword.

“The army is convinced that the one who will decide whether there will be an escalation is Mohammad Dhaif,” the author noted.

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