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Hezbollah Targets Israeli Military Sites across All Borders

19 Oct 2023 12:29

Islam Times - Hezbollah fighters fired a precision missile at Al-Malkiye site off the Lebanese border town of Aytaroun, while the Israeli enemy artillery bombarded the town’s outskirts.

Moreover, Hezbollah⁩ fighters dealt a blow to the ⁦ Israeli⁩ military site in Metulla settlement.

Islamic Resistance fighters struck Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in occupied Shebaa Farms, inflicting losses upon it, according to a statement issued by He 

The Islamic Resistance fired precision missiles at a gathering of Israeli soldiers and surveillance system in Al-Taheyyat hill, south of Al-Manara, inflicting casualties.

Hezbollah also struck the sites of Jal Al-Alam, Zarit Barrack, and the maritime site located across Ras Al-Naqoura with guided missiles and suitable weapons.

The following video shows the Islamic Resistance fighters targeting military vehicles at several Israeli enemy sites along the Lebanese-Palestinian border.

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