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Islamic Resistance in Iraq Hits Vital Target in ‘Israel’

31 Mar 2024 23:16

Islam Times - The Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced on Sunday a new strike on a target in the Zionist entity, as part of its operations in support of Gaza and Palestine.

In a statement, the resistance group said its Mujahedeen (fighters) hit on Saturday (March 30) a vital target in Eilabun in the occupied Galilee, with drones.

The strike is part of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq’s path to resist the Israeli occupation, as it is staged in support of “our people in Gaza, and in response to the Israeli massacres against Palestinian civilians, including children, women, and elderlies,” the statement read.

The group, meanwhile, vowed to continue strikes “against the enemy strongholds.”

Last Sunday, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced its fighters targeted the headquarters building of the Ministry of Defense of the Zionist entity in the occupied territories, using a drone.

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