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Footage Shows Hezbollah Rocketry Attack on Israeli Military Vehicle in Avivim Border Settlement

http://english.almanar.com.lb , 3 Sep 2019 06:34

Islam Times - Al-Manar TV Channel broadcast a footage which showed Hezbollah fighters firing two missiles at an Israeli military vehicle in Avivim settlement on border with Lebanon, refuting all the claims that the attack failed to hit Zionist soldiers.

The video shows Avivim Zionist settlement which was constructed in the Palestinian village of Salha and the military base which was abandoned by the Israeli occupation troops before Hezbollah attack.

The footage also mentions that at Avivim military base which includes command headquarters, there are around 100 officers and soldiers who are responsible for various military tasks (intelligence, maintenance, …).

The video also displays how the enemy tried to deceive two empty personnel-carriers and how the Resistance fighters avoid civilian vehicles passing before the target arrives.

According to the footage two Kornet missiles were fired at the Israeli military vehicle from two positions to make sure that the target was hit.

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