Sunday 16 February 2020 - 08:01

A New Statement from Pelosi about Tearing Up Trump's Speech

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Related FileIn an excerpt from an interview with CNN News to be broadcast on Monday, Pelosi defended herself amid heavy criticism from Republicans for tearing up her version of the speech after Trump finished his speech on February 4.

"I had no prior intention to do so," Pelosi said.

"After reading about a third of the speech, I saw that it was terrible, and I realized that almost every page had something unacceptable."

Pelosi also said she was disappointed that the speech was absent from any of the legislation passed by the House of Representatives.

"If you want to get a follow-up to the press, you should draw attention, so I thought and said, 'Let's draw attention to the fact that what he said today was not correct."

Pelosi's actions were outraged by Republicans, who condemned her actions and considered them offensive to the soldiers mentioned in the speech, as well as a "breach" toward the president.

On February 7, Trump said that tearing up the letter was "illegal" and that Pelosi "violated the law" but did not cite a specific legal text.

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