Saturday 31 July 2021 - 12:00

Netizens Criticize Biden for Receiving Ticklish Note during Meeting, Describe it as “Cheat Card”

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Related FileDuring a Friday meeting on American western wildfires, Biden received a card with a caption from a staffer that read "Sir, there's something on your chin," and the way he immediately rubbed his chin and shoved whatever was there in his mouth after reading the note made waves on social media.

The bizarre incident occurred as US Vice President Kamala Harris was discussing the ongoing US wildfire crisis with officials. Biden took a moment to check out the note he received from an aide and was caught on camera.

The resulting footage showed that POTUS rubbed his chin and then licked his lips, raising eyebrows online and prompting users to unwillingly brainstorm on what could have been on his face and so tasty.

Some suggested that there was a lot more that the aide could have done for Biden to avoid embarrassment, with others arguing that they would love to have such a helpful aide.

Previously, Biden has been ridiculed for the mere fact of using cheat sheets during pressers, while also receiving mockery for his frequent verbal gaffes.

In his most recent one, Biden on Wednesday confused former US President Barack Obama with another US president, Donald Trump, immediately calling it "Freudian slip."

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