Islam Times 28 Jul 2020 102020000000Tue, 28 Jul 2020 10:16:18 -0400 10:16 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Lebanese PM Warns Israeli Enemy Seeking to Change Rules of Engagement -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab called for vigilance on Tuesday, a day after tensions at the border between Lebanon and the occupied territories. Text : Addressing the Higher Defense Council, Diab said that the Israeli enemy has once again attacked Lebanon and violated the UN resolution 1701 through a dangerous military escalation. I call for vigilance in the coming days, Diab said as he voiced concern that things may slip for worse in light of high tensions at our border with occupied Palestine. Israeli occupation army attacked the occupied Shebaa Farms unilaterally opened fire on Ruwaisat Al-Alam site and the surrounding area in the occupied Shebaa Farms, claiming that Hezbollah fighters had attacked the region. Hezbollah, later, issued a statement, denying such claims and noting that the Israeli move came for fear of Hezbollah response to the killing of Ali Mohsen, a Resistance fighter, earlier last week during an Israeli raid on Syria. The Lebanese Resistance movement, meanwhile, stressed that retaliation to the killing of martyr Mohsen is inevitable . In his Tuesday address, PM Diab said that the Israeli enemy is pushing to change rules of engagement as well as to amend the task of the UNFIL force operating in south Lebanon. On the other hand, Diab said that the country is before a serious stage in the battle against coronavirus. We are before a serious stage in the battle against coronavirus. Strict measures have to be taken in a bid to save our people. He called for toughening measures in all regions across the country. We have decided to head for partial lockdown starting from today and full lockdown starting by Thursday and ending by Monday. The country will open for two days and then will close for other five days, Diab told the council, as quoted by local media.