Islam Times 22 Nov 2022 032022000000Tue, 22 Nov 2022 03:11:01 +0330 3:11 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Iran Hackers Closer to Infiltrating ‘Israeli’, US Drones: Cyber Firm CEO -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Iran’s team of hackers has recently advanced closer than ever to being able to infiltrate and control ‘Israeli’ and US drones, ClearSky cybersecurity CEO Boaz Dolev said on Monday. Text : Speaking at the INSS conference on Iran, Dolev listed off a number of dangerous trends emanating from the Islamic Republic’s cyber sector. Dolev said that Tehran is expanding its cyber capabilities in every arena, including ongoing improved efforts to hack drones as well as to develop closer to “zero-day” capabilities. Threatening wide use of “zero-day” capabilities is generally only associated with the US, Russia and China in terms of being able to silence entire sectors, especially of infrastructure using cyber capabilities. Besides improving its own capabilities, Dolev said that Iran has started for the first time to more aggressively share cyber-attack tools with Hezbollah. This seems to suggest that the Islamic Republic is seeking to multiply the fronts from which the Tel Aviv regime would make a cyber confrontation. Part of Tehran’s success also includes that as Moscow and Tehran have gotten close in sharing physical weapons, there also appear to be fancier Russian cyber weapons finding their way into Iranian hands.