Islam Times 6 May 2011 172011000000Fri, 06 May 2011 17:01:53 +0430 17:01 -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times Exclusive: Title : Flush with majority mandate Harper pledges to continue "pro-business" agenda-Zionists elated. -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Harper's Conservative Party won 168 seats in a 308 parliament in the May 2nd Canadian federal elections, giving him an elusive majority government and winning him a strong mandate to continue his pro-business, pro-Zionist and anti-poor and deprived people's agenda... Text : Islam Times: Harper won his third term, becoming only the second Prime Minister in Canadian history to achieve this feat. He also won his first majority government. In the Canadian parliamentary system, if one party wins more than half the seats in Parliament it has the right to govern solely on its own platform and without being hobbled by coalitions. This is known as a majority government. The elections were historic for another reason as well: The National Democratic Party lead by Jack Layton won 107 votes, which makes them the official opposition. The traditional opposition and ruling party of Canada for much of the 20th century suffered a humiliating defeating losing over 60 seats and in the process their official status as the opposition. To make matters worse, Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal Party leader lost his Toronto riding seat and resigned as the leader of the party. Harper's win drew a big sigh of relief from the business sector in Canada. Harper has openly declared his support for the oil industry sector in Canada, supporting the very controversial tar oil industry. Many parts of Canada have large supplies of bituminous sands, also known as tar sands or oil sands. The sands are harvested for oil. However, the tar sand industry is controversial because the process used to achieve this purpose is seen as harmful to the environment. Harper had also run on lowering corporate taxes from 16% to 15% and cutting welfare services and benefits to the poorest of the poor in Canadian society. Another sector of Canadian society that is no doubt delighted by Harpers win is the Zionist lobby. A day after his historic win, Harper reiterated his support for the Zionist leader Benjamin Netanyahu, a close friend and ideological compatriot. Harper is infamous for his comments on Israel. The three terms Prime Minister is an Evangelical Christian who strongly supports Israel because he believes that the coming of Jesus (A.S.) is directly tied to the success or failure of the Zionist state. Harper has kept his Evangelical faith under wraps; Evangelical Christianity is very unpopular in Canada. In one poll, 68% of Canadians indicated the opposed an Evangelical Prime Minister while 61% of Canadians said they opposed a Muslim or Atheist Prime Minister. It’s a testament to how successful Harper has been in hiding his Evangelical faith and what a politically apathetic and disorganized group of people Muslims living in Canada are that he was able to win his third term without his pro-Israel and Evangelical positions becoming an election issue. Harper once said in a 2009 speech to the Canadian Jewish Congress that he considered Canada's national security as equal to Israel's. In a speech given in the aftermath of Canada losing a bid to win a seat on a U.N. human rights council, Harper said it was due to his government's pro-Israel agenda and that he would pursue that agenda even if it meant a lowering of Canada's standing on the world stage. Critics of Harper say that his winning a majority is in ways a good thing because it does not allow him the opportunity to make excuses or blame coalition partners if he fails in his third term. The majority win means that Harper can govern uninterrupted for at least the next four years. Though Harper's win has delighted Zionists and their cohorts, the NDP's historic gains that have catapulted them from a third place party to the official opposition should be of concern. The NDP is a leftist party that is against big business, corporate greed and is no where as pro-Zionist as Harper. If Harper fails to deliver on his promises of prosperity, he and the Conservative party will be severely punished in the next federal elections. © Islam Times