Islam Times 16 Sep 2014 072014000000Tue, 16 Sep 2014 07:13:27 +0430 7:13 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Terrorism is an absolute evil -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - In an exclusive interview with Islam Times, Dr Yehia Ghaddar explained why terror and radicalism have been used as weapon against the Arab world, a tool to break up and fragment Islamic and Arabic countries. Text : Recalling September 11, Dr Ghaddar noted that this one act of terror ultimately gave western powers an excuse to open up military fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many analysts have actually argued that it was such western intervention in the region which led to a rise of radicalism and the emergence onto the scene of terror groups of the likes of Al Qaeda and ISIL. Dr Ghaddar stressed that ISIL and co were mere Zionist creations, designed to destroy the Arabic-Islamic world in view of asserting Israel’ s dominion on the region. “Terrorism is an absolute evil,” he said. Warning against the arrival of terror elements into Lebanon, Dr Ghaddar warned that the state should abide to a zero tolerance policy and refrain from negotiating with militants. He added that in order to confront such evil plot against the Arab people and Islam, all countries and all nations should unite and show a common front.